Micro-perforated Bookmarks

Especially designed for use with Lamcraft Digital Memories®, Lamcraft's Micro-perforated Bookmarks on 8-1/2" x 11" sheets feature the same high quality artwork and printing as our other Premium Memorial Cards. The sheets feed into any laser or inkjet printer (although we recommend printers that can do borderless printing for best results). Depending upon the type of Micro-Perf sheet you order, each sheet separates cleanly into two, three or four bookmarks.

The front side of each sheet accommodates printing the family's choice of verse, or other options such as service record, a longer two-sided obituary or other text or images. All cards feature matching backgrounds on the reverse sides. Also available are plain white and ivory cards for large photos and customized options.

If you prefer, you can order Micro-perforated Bookmarks with Pre-Printed Verses. For your convenience, these bookmarks feature a verse already printed on the front side, so that you just need to print the backs with the obituary, photo and your funeral home information (if desired).

Once the Micro-perforated Bookmarks are printed, separate and laminate in our specially sized Bookmark Pouches.

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