Classic Pouch Laminator

Classic Pouch Laminator

Lamcraft sells Classic Pouch Laminators that are easy to use, offer consistent results, and feature sturdy, reliable construction. These machines are made in the U.S.A. and are among the best laminators available on the market today.

Our Pouch Laminators are backed by our unconditional Full-Year Warranty on all parts and labor.

These units come in three sizes and are known for their quality and dependability. Before shipping, each laminator is carefully factory-calibrated to produce laminated pouches of high quality.

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  • Latest U.L. approved electrical components. No fuse that requires re-setting.
  • Heating elements are not exposed; rollers are safely housed in extruded aluminum housing.



  • Sturdy construction and quality materials make this laminator truly the "workhorse" of the industry.
  • Motor is designed for continuous use, maintaining an even speed regardless of voltage changes, ensuring consistent lamination.



  • No fan is required to cool the Lamcraft Laminator, and it has an exceptionally quiet motor!
  • With the one-position opearitng switch in the "on" mode, the rollers are driven continuously, assuring even heat on the laminating rollers. The factory pre-set level maintains the optimum heat required.



  • Flip on the switch and allow the laminator to heat up. Be sure to place the item to be laminated in one of our specially designed carriers and insert into the laminator. Once the item has exited the laminator, place on a flat surface to cool. That's it!



4" Pouch Laminator – Used primarily for identification cards, business cards and luggage tags. Fits items up to 4 inches wide. Lamcraft's Micro-Perforated Premium Memorial Cards inserted into our 3" wide Bookmark Pouches will fit in this laminator.

10" Pouch Laminator – Our most popular laminator, this will accommodate materials up to 10 inches wide. Laminate flyers, sale sheets, and brochures.

12" Pouch Laminator – The largest pouch laminator we sell, it fits laminating materials up to 12 inches wide. Laminate menus, placemats, large brochures and signs.